Thimar Rewards Program

The aim of the Thimar Rewards Program is to help farmers to maximize the value of their production based on fixed purchase prices throughout the year, and incentivized bonuses for every kilogram of products provided.


The Thimar Rewards Program Incentivizes Farmers to supply their farm products to Silal, one of the most prominent innovative initiatives to support farm owners and increase returns on local agricultural production. The program is based on guaranteed fixed and weekly prices for the purchase of agricultural products throughout the agricultural season (2021-2022), in addition to incentive bonuses that are accumulated with every kilogram of fruits or vegetables supplied, provided that the conditions of the program are met.

Conditions for benefiting from the program:

  • Commitment to implementing the agricultural plan for varieties, quantities, quality standards and agricultural areas.
  • Commitment to supply the agreed quantities of crops in the agricultural plan throughout the agricultural season and not selling directly to the open market, the farmer is only entitled to sell quantities that are not purchased by Silal (out of plan).
  • Commitment to supply at least  80% of Class 1 products for all crops in the agricultural plan.

Product Pricing

For a list of products, pricing and bonus points please refer to the brochure provided below.


Program FAQs

  • Farmers can apply to supply agricultural products by calling 80074525 or contacting the agricultural engineer in their region.

  • After applying for the service, an expression of interest form must be filled out, which shows the agricultural crops that the farmer wants to grow, in addition to the agricultural areas and the growing weeks. Accordingly, it will be reviewed, and the agricultural plan for the farm will be determined by agricultural technicians.

  • Farm owners will benefit from a variety of services when signing a supply contract. These include:

    • Allocating an agricultural engineer by the company.
    • Guiding farmers on implementing the best agricultural practices for the required products through field visits by agricultural engineers.
    • Inspecting the quality of agricultural products when received at the collection centres and issuing a receipt.
    • Providing packing material for some agricultural crops.
    • Providing collection centres equipped to receive all kinds of agricultural products.
    • The agreed price for the products will be paid within a week (7 days) from the date of products delivery.
    • Providing a pre-booking system for the delivery of agricultural products to the collection centres in different languages.
    • Provide a list of agricultural inputs recommended by the company.

  • The supply contract lists several conditions and commitments that must be adhered to, to ensure supplying the agreed-upon quantities of agricultural crops according to the agricultural plan of the farm. These include:

    • Commitment to the cultivation of agricultural crops agreed upon.
    • Commitment to the agreed planting dates.
    • Commitment to the agricultural areas agreed upon.
    • Commitment to implement the agricultural guidelines provided by the agricultural engineer supervising the farm.
    • Commitment to the decisions and policies issued by Silal.
    • Direct communication with the agricultural engineer and/or the district official for periodic follow-up, suggestions and inquiries.
    • Adherence to the use of agricultural pesticides in accordance with the standards approved by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.
    • Commitment to submit the weekly harvest schedule before Wednesday 12 noon, for the next supply week.
    • Commitment to supply the quantities agreed upon in the agricultural plan.
    • Commitment to sorting and packing the crops based on the quality specifications agreed upon and approved by the company and not mixing Class 1 and Class 2 products to avoid rejection at the collection centres.
    • Supply products that meet the agreed and approved quality standards and not mixing Class 1 and Class 2 products.

  • Quality standards for Class 1 and Class 2 agricultural products include but are not limited to colour, dimensions, weight & smell. Farmers will be issued with a copy of the approved standards upon signing the contract and the products will be tested and classified upon receipt accordingly.

  • Farmers will deliver products at the receiving centre agreed to in the contract and as per the timetable and quantities agreed to in the weekly harvest schedule, which is to be issued on Wednesdays before 12 noon on the week preceding the delivery. The company offers farms a pre-booking system to avoid long waiting times at collection centres.

  • Silal provides packing containers for certain types of agricultural products that may be damaged during handling and packing. These include beef tomatoes, marrow, cherry tomatoes, Potato, cabbages, and onions.

  • Agricultural products must be packaged inconsistently and appropriately according to the quality specifications approved by the company in the packing materials specified for each product, considering the cleanliness of the product from soil or dust.

    • Determining fixed purchase prices for some agricultural products.
    • Implementing the Thimar program on all Silal contracted farms, whether at the fixed or weekly prices.
    • Introducing a classification system for all contracting farms into three categories (Bronze Category, Silver Category, and Gold Category).
    • Calculating 3 dirhams for round tomatoes for Class 1 and 1.80 dirhams for Class 2 grown in greenhouses in the summer season as a fixed price.
    • Receipt of the full quantity for Class 1 if the farmer supplies more than 90% of the Class 1 products for the following crops: zucchini, large eggplant, sweet corn, beef tomatoes, okra, sweet red pepper, sweet yellow pepper, and red cherry tomatoes.
    • Increasing the purchase prices of products at fixed prices by 10% of the prices specified for all farms that obtained the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificate.

  • 30% of the Class 2 products will be received, according to the evaluation of the receipt. The quantities of Class 2 products above a maximum of 30% will be rejected, and the purchase price will be calculated based on 20% of the Class 2 products as a fixed price (for products at the fixed price) and 10% as a weekly price (for all products).

  • The quantities are received based on the agricultural plan of the farm, which was agreed upon with the farm owner, and what exceeds the agreement will be received if there is a demand for the product from the market at the weekly prices.

  • If the farm products are sold directly to dealers or the open market, then the farmer will no longer have the right to benefit from the fixed price agreement and bonuses. The fixed price agreement will be switched to the fluctuating weekly price system, and any accumulated bonus points will be annulled.

  • The weekly fixed price agreement is available to those farmers who do not want a fixed price.

  • Fixed prices are not subject to change during the 2021/2022 agricultural season for agricultural products based on the contract.

  • Farmers are required to grow the products approved in the agricultural plan based on available acreage and growing weeks and must fully adhere to delivering all their production to Silal as per the approved quality standards. Failure to adhere to the above gives Silal the right to transfer the farm to the fluctuating weekly price system.

  • 1. Alert the farmer in the following cases:

    • Not being committed to planting crops approved in the agricultural plan.
    • Lack of commitment to cultivating the areas agreed upon in the agricultural plan.
    • Lack of commitment to supplying products according to the agricultural plan.
    • Failure to follow the agricultural instructions provided by the engineer.

    2. Changing the farmers from the fixed price system to the weekly price, and the farmer will not be eligible for the Thimar program.

    3. Immediate termination of the contract in the following cases:

    • Continued non-compliance with the implementation of the agricultural plan.
    • If he commits any act that would harm the reputation of Silal.
    • If the farm licenses are withdrawn from the concerned authorities.
    • The farmer or any of his employees act in any way that is unbecoming, unethical, or deceptive, whether intentionally or otherwise.
    • The farmer neglects to meet his obligations to Silal.
    • The farmer will bear the costs of any damages resulting from the farmer's failure to supply the products agreed upon in the agricultural plan.

  • To encourage farmers to grow and supply high-quality products and raise financial returns and due to the low demand from consumers on Class 2 products.

  • Dues will be paid to farmers by bank transfer within a week (7 days) from the date of delivering the produce.

  • At the end of the agricultural season, the points obtained by the farmer through his commitment to the program will be calculated. Accordingly, the points will be converted to a monetary equivalent as per the conversion schedule, and the reward will be paid at the end of the agricultural season if the members comply with the eligibility criteria of the Thimar program.

  • The system of classifying farmers into three categories (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) was introduced based on the farmer's commitment to the agricultural plan and the contract terms. This classification aims to reward farmers who are committed to agricultural plans and encourage them to stay committed. All farmers will initially start with the bronze category and based on their commitment to 100% of their agricultural plans (crops, agricultural dates, agricultural guidelines, supply of quantities), the farms will be upgraded to the next category, so that the bronze category includes all contracted farmers during the current season and the committed farms are upgraded in the agricultural season 2021-2022 to the silver category, which allows them to increase the financial returns at the end of the agricultural season 2021-2022 through the points gained.

  • In the event that a farmer in the silver category does not comply with the agricultural plan for the new agricultural season 2021-2022 and the terms of the contract for the supply of products, he will not be entitled to the cumulative points collected during the 2021-2022 agricultural season. In addition to cancelling one million points from his cumulative points balance, and the level of the farm will fall back to the bronze category.

  • It includes standards for agricultural production that guarantees the safety and security of food and those who produce it according to sustainable agricultural practices. It is also an internationally accredited certificate awarded to farms that apply these modern and safe standards. The application of good agricultural practices leads to the development of these practices and ensures the application of agricultural production quality standards in relation to:

    • Food Safety
    • Welfare of workers
    • Sustainable management of the environment

  • Please fill out an application form and follow the application of the standards for good agricultural practices by contacting the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority.

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