Extension Services

Silal provides farmers with first-class services to help meet their requirements, provide them with the necessary training to raise awareness on best quality standards and practices, and introduce them to the latest agricultural technology techniques.

The agricultural extension services provided by Silal include:

  • Appointing agricultural engineers to provide technical supervision services on crops and developing supply plans for Silal contracted farmers.
  • Carrying out farms’ visits and providing Silal contracted farmers with packing materials for produce that may be affected by various harvesting and sorting factors, as well as offering packaging services for agricultural products and marketing them locally.
  • Providing agricultural consultations, including conducting awareness training workshops for farmworkers that introduce them to the best farming practices and post-harvest operations.
  • Developing weekly harvesting forecasts and recommended agricultural supplies to improve crops’ quality, and providing information on agriculture supplies sales centers and crops collection stations across the emirate of Abu Dhabi.