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Strategic acquisitions to fulfill our mission

Strategic acquisitions are part of our ambition to create a sustainable future for ourselves, our customers and our communities. This allows us to extend our strengths by combining complementary skills to better serve our customers.

We are delighted to welcome companies into our group who share our values and commitment.



SAFCO, headquartered in the UAE, boasts an impressive 30-year track record in the importing, distribution, and export of top-quality food and non-food products across the UAE, Middle East and Africa.

Their portfolio includes ownership of 12 renowned brands and distribution rights for over 150+ international brands, comprising a diverse range of more than 25,000+ products spanning 70+ markets worldwide.

With our new strategic partner on board, we are eager to unlock the full potential of our combined strengths. Together, we aim to cultivate synergies, drive innovation, and enhance the value we provide to our valued customers.

Key Capabilities:

  • One of the leading food service distributor, importer and exporter of superior quality food and non-food products in the UAE, Middle East region & international markets.
  • A leading supply partner to most of the five-star hotels, dining restaurants, catering companies, bakeries, airlines, hospitals in the UAE and internationally, therefore enabling Silal’s objective in building a multi regional food distribution platform.
  • Accelerate Silal’s ambition to enhance its commercial, product offering and logistical capabilities in the UAE and expand into new markets globally.



We are glad to announce that we have acquired a majority stake in Sherwood, a leading UAE-based distributor of agriculture input and high-quality pest management solutions.

With an impressive footprint represented in distributing more than 66 registered products to 400+ customers through branches in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Dubai, this investment will create a direct positive impact on our business by expanding our agricultural input retail offering to local farmers, providing access to high-quality international agri-input products, and enabling growth in local fruit and vegetable production by managing the entire value chain, from inputs to distribution.

Key Capabilities:

  • The leading direct distributors of organic pesticides and high-quality pest management solutions and equipment in the UAE.
  • Partnering with environmentally conscious manufacturers in the United States of America, Australia, Europe & Asia dedicated to the design, fabrication and sale of a variety of products for the home & greenhouse markets seeking organic solutions.
  • First established in 2012 and aiming to become one of the major players in the pesticide industry in the region.



We are proud to announce that we have acquired a majority stake in Terminex, a leading player in high-quality pest management solutions.

With a strong presence in Abu Dhabi and Dubai since its establishment in 1999, Terminex has earned accreditation, ISO certifications, and a reputation for professionalism. Their team of experienced professionals, certified entomologists, and dedicated service technicians uphold the highest standards in pest control. Terminex’s commitment to environmentally-friendly practices through Integrated Pest Management aligns seamlessly with our values at Silal. Together, we look forward to providing top-tier pest management solutions to our valued clients.

Key Capabilities:

  • Terminex is already a major player in the pest control industry in the UAE.
  • Adopts international standards where our pest control services are concerned. Ensuring the highest quality of services.
  • Supports a wide variety of services including Public Health Pest Control, Agricultural Pest Control, Termite Control, Bird Control, Stray Animals Control.
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