Farmer Services

Comprehensive support

At Silal, we are deeply invested in supporting farmers by offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to nurture your agricultural journey. Our commitment to your success is exemplified through a process-oriented approach that spans various stages.

Ready to assist

Nurture: Farmer Helpline

Empowering you with solutions is at the heart of our service. For any queries or troubleshooting, our dedicated farmer's support helpline is your direct connection to our seasoned experts. Dial 800-Silal to access a wealth of agricultural knowledge, ensuring your challenges are met with effective solutions.

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Become a Supplier

Becoming a part of Silal's network entails joining hands to cultivate a thriving agricultural community. Our registration process is designed to seamlessly integrate your farm's unique offerings into our collection centers

Learn how you can register to be a supplier of fresh agriculture produce to Silal's collection centres.

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Farmers Portal

As a valued farmer, you can now to log in to our dedicated farmer's portal to access comprehensive range of information and support tailored to enhance your farming experience.

Farmers Services

Extension Services

At Silal, nurturing your success is at the core of our extension services. We provide comprehensive support mechanisms that span from technical expertise to practical guidance:

Providing Productive and Healthy Seedling Plants:

We understand that the foundation of a successful harvest starts with the right seedlings. Our extension services include access to high-quality seedlings that are nurtured to ensure healthy growth and optimal yield potential.

Technical Supervision

Our dedicated team of agricultural engineers is committed to providing hands-on guidance in managing your crops. From suggesting effective crop management strategies to devising supply plans, we ensure that your produce is set on a path of excellence.

On-Site Expert Visits

Sometimes, challenges arise that require immediate attention. Our team is equipped to provide on-site support, addressing specific factors that influence harvesting and sorting. Additionally, we offer packaging solutions that not only protect your produce but also enhance its market appeal.

Elevating Expertise Through Workshops

Knowledge is power, and we believe in empowering you with the latest industry insights. Our training workshops are tailored to equip you with the best practices and advanced post-harvest techniques, enabling you to maximize the potential of your farm.

Quality is Key

We provide you with weekly harvesting forecasts and recommendations for agricultural supplies. This strategic approach empowers you to enhance the quality of your crops and make informed decisions. Additionally, we offer information on agriculture supplies sales centers and crop collection stations across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, ensuring easy accessibility to the resources you need.


Collection Centers

We understand the significance of streamlined processes in agriculture. Locate your nearest Silal collection center - a hub for efficient collection, meticulous packaging, and swift distribution. Refer to our comprehensive collection center list for ease of access and effective collaboration


Farmer Education

Embrace continuous learning and development to fuel your success story. Silal's commitment to education materializes through a variety of courses and opportunities throughout the year. Our e-learning platform empowers you with technical skills, leveraging global best practices and cutting-edge techniques.

Media Center

The latest news, announcements and insights from Silal and its partners

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