Digitizing our business operations

Technology is the driving force behind Silal's journey towards a sustainable future, as it plays a vital role in streamlining operations, reducing costs, and enhancing overall competitiveness.

By leveraging innovative technological solutions, Silal is able to optimize its supply chain, improve the efficiency of its processes, and create a solid foundation for future growth and increased revenue.

Through digital transformation initiatives, Silal embraces advanced technologies that enable seamless communication and collaboration across various departments. This integration of technology throughout the organization empowers Silal to make data-driven decisions, enhance operational visibility, and drive informed strategies to stay ahead in a highly dynamic market.

Pillars of our digital strategy

Our digital strategy consists of three key pillars. Together they create a framework that enables us to implement revolutionary digital upgrades to the agritech sector.


Operational Excellence

Setting the foundations of our digital journey

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At the heart of our success lies our unwavering dedication to Operational Excellence. From farm to production and beyond, we leverage advanced data-driven analytics to fine-tune every aspect of our operations.

By embracing innovative technologies, we maximize crop yields while minimizing resource consumption, ensuring a greener and more sustainable future. Our agile logistics system guarantees timely deliveries, enabling us to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers.

With a relentless pursuit of perfection, we take pride in consistently delivering the freshest and highest-quality products, setting new benchmarks in the food industry.


Commercial Excellence

Delivering unique experiences & better ROI

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Commercial Excellence is a passion for delivering exceptional value to our customers. We go beyond simply providing products; we forge lasting partnerships.

At Silal, Commercial Excellence is at the core of our growth strategy. With a customer-centric approach, we tailor our product offerings and pricing strategies to meet the demands of a dynamic market.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data-driven decision-making, we empower our teams to make informed choices that enhance profitability and revenue growth.


Data & Analytics Excellence

Creating a competitive advantage using technology

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At Silal, we harness the power of data to revolutionize the food and agriculture industry. Our cutting-edge analytics solutions provide real-time insights into market trends, consumer preferences, and supply chain dynamics.

Our advanced predictive modeling capabilities enable us to anticipate market shifts and identify emerging trends. Armed with this foresight, we can make proactive decisions, optimizing strategies, and capitalizing on new opportunities.

Through our comprehensive data transparency measures, we uphold the highest standards of security and compliance.

Available to download now on the Apple App Store and Google Play completely free

Silal App

The Silal App: Your Modern Farming Companion

Experience the ultimate convenience of a modern and digital farming experience with the Silal App. As a farmer, you can now access a comprehensive hub of services and support right at your fingertips. This user-friendly app seamlessly integrates essential features that simplify your farming journey and enhance productivity.

Stay connected with the Silal community and explore a wealth of resources effortlessly. The app provides easy access to contact information, allowing you to connect with Silal's knowledgeable team for assistance, guidance, and any inquiries you may have. Stay informed and ahead of the game with real-time weather alerts tailored to your specific location, empowering you to make informed decisions about crop management and field operations.

Input Shop

Input shop Whatsapp order

As a part of Silal’s digital expansion, we have introduced four agricultural stores across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi that will offer a wide variety of competitively priced agricultural inputs and veterinary materials.

Thanks to new AI technologies and with the help of services like Whatsapp, we have made it easier than ever to browse and buy agricultural products, straight from a consumer's phone. Users will be able to send messages to a chatbot that will help them find the exact products they need.

Business Process

Business applications and automation

Our Digital team is responsible for the digitalization of Silal and all its core businesses. The Department aims to automate manual processes and to implement interconnected automated systems across our business. In other words, it created a comprehensive portfolio of applications which includes end user compute, infrastructure, operations, service desk, and business applications.

Our current suite of business applications comprises Cloud ERP, Silal App, Mobile Applications, SharePoint Intranet, and Digital Signature. Additionally, our team specializes in automating key business processes in Finance, Supply Chain, Procurement, Farmers Operations, Contract Farming, and Human Capital.

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