To ensure that Silal meets the expectations and vision of its leadership, Silal’s Legal and Compliance department oversees that Silal, its subsidiaries and all its employee adhere to lawful & ethical operations of Silal without any compromise on integrity, values, and principles of Silal.

Apart from keeping Silal’s operations compliant with all the applicable laws and regulations in force, the Legal and Compliance department also plays the role of advising and fostering awareness within its employees and other departments. Beside meticulously monitoring the contract executions and policy making, Silal’s Legal and Compliance department advice and guide Silal in all its litigation, risk-mitigation and intellectual property management, regulatory and compliance functions, by providing advice on each required aspects of day to day business.

Silal’s Legal and Compliance Department maintains internationally accepted standards of corporate governance along with relevant company byelaws and policies which ensures that all Silal employees take most ethical decision in any situations, which eventually assist Silal to achieve strategic directions in terms of its business decisions, performance driven culture and result oriented approaches, both, in short terms and in long term.

Silal’s Legal and Compliance department ensures that all Silal employees, and its subsidiaries, are evaluated on equal standards so that both Silal and its employees remain fair and true to the   commitments they have towards each other.  

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