Partnering for Growth

As a pivotal player in the food, agriculture, and technology landscape, we are committed to building robust collaborations that contribute to a sustainable future. For this reason, we created the Silal procurement hub that will enable easier forging of partnerships.

Silal partners with a wide range of suppliers, leveraging their expertise to ensure the effective storage, preservation, and timely delivery of produce.

For more information about how to register as a new supplier, please visit The Suppliers Portal.

In case of any difficulties during the registration process, we kindly ask you to contact us via email.

Tenders Registrations

Discover a world of possibilities with Silal's tender process. Join us in shaping a future of growth and collaboration.

Apply for Tenders

We believe that partnerships are the pillars of progress. Our tender registration process is designed to create a level playing field for suppliers, contractors, and service providers, ensuring that the best minds and talents come together to fuel our collective growth.

We believe in:

  • Fair Play: Our transparent process ensures equal opportunities for all.
  • Diverse Scope: From agriculture to technology, our projects span various domains.
  • Shared Growth: Collaborate with us to power mutual success.
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