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Discover Silal's Automated Packhouse

At Silal, we are proud to announce the establishment of  the largest automated packhouse in the UAE. The state-of-the-art packhouse promises to streamline the packing process, ensuring that every product is handled in the most optimal manner.

This revolutionary facility is poised to become the largest of its kind in the UAE , raising the bar for productivity, quality, and sustainability

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Pillars of Packhouse

Unveiling the Grandeur: An Overview of Silal's Automated Packhouse


Spanning an expansive 14,000 square metres, our  automated packhouse introduces a new era of post-harvest operations. This facility incorporates advanced technology to process and pack our fresh produce 

Maximizing Efficiency: The Grading and Packing Area


At the heart of this technological marvel lies a sprawling 4,930 square metre grading and packing area. Here, innovation combines with expertise to ensure that every fruit and vegetable passing through our packhouse meets the highest quality standards.

Embracing Sustainability: Our Commitment in Action


Aligned with Silal's unwavering commitment to sustainability, our packhouse is more than just an operational hub. It's a testament to our dedication to reducing waste and optimizing resources, while consistently delivering freshness and nutrition to your table.

Fueling Tomorrow's Harvest

The Packhouse's Role

Anticipating the future, Silal's packhouse is set to handle a substantial 65 percent of our upcoming crops. This monumental capacity showcases our commitment to enhancing efficiency and quality across our produce offerings.

As we step into the future of farming, Silal's automated packhouse stands as an epitome of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

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